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The Digital Vitamin C


Like the vitamin itself, Digital Citrus can be linked-to impressive brand benefits that offer you the optimum level of social media services.

A consistent dose of DC leads to releasing antioxidants that reduce the risk of your brand’s presence being diluted. More so, DC strengthens your brand’s immune system from viral competitive threats.

Our vitamin will help you boost immunity, improve brand recall, and prevent chronic digital media issues.

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Blaze Group of Companies

Blaze Group, established in 2003, is a well-recognized leading business entity, continuously expanding its outreach through different companies working under one umbrella. 

Our companies cater to all of the ongoing marketing avenues and we have built ourselves to be a one window marketing solution for clients by expanding our services in the areas of Media, Digital Marketing, Digital Influencer Marketing (PR), Events & Activations, Creative, Travel & Hospitality, and the Dairy business as well.

Being a multifaceted organization that offers a diverse range of services, the Blaze Group attracts significant local and international brands alike and employs proficient human resources from the talent pool.


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